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3D papercut picuture is one of the signature products at The Paper Lover Co. With our growing selection of 3D pictures, our founder-designer, Alison also handcrafted one of a kind 3D papercut pictures. If you have an idea in mind, or just a photograph, we can turn it into an unique paper creation! Our custom made 3D papercut pictures are also perfect gifts for housewarming, baby shower and weddings.


After receiving your custom order inquiry, we will setup a quick initial meeting to go through what you are looking for, this can be done through phone/skype call. If a phone meeting doesn’t work for you, we can always contact through emails. At any point, you are welcomed to provide us with examples, ideas, colour preferences and photographs, the more the better, so we can envision your picture as much as possible!

Timeline: 2-3 days after receiving inquiry


Then, we will create a quick digital mockup – this is where we put all the ideas together and create a flat version of the 3D papercut picture! Each custom order includes one digital mockup for review, so you can make any suggestions or changes to it before we cut out your picture. We will also include an estimated quote for you, and we require 50% deposit to start the papercut production. Please keep in mind that if there are too many changes that require another digital mockup, additional cost will be applied. Please also note that the final papercut picture might not look 100% accurate as the digital mockup, the digital mockup is for your reference only. The Paper Lover Co. reserves the right to modify the final design as to achieve the best result.

Timeline: 1-2 weeks production time for digital mockup


Now, this is where the fun begins! After your approval for the digital mockup, we will start cutting out you picture! Occasionally, we will update you with some photos during the process. At this point, any additional changes will be at additional cost.

Timeline: 2-3 weeks production time for papercut


If you live within the Calgary city limit, we can schedule a drop-off, please have the final payment ready at the time. If you live outside Calgary, we can provide shipping arrangements, you will be responsible for all the shipping cost.

Timeline: depends on your location

All custom 3D Papercut Picture starts at CAD$85  including a frame, the final price depends on size, design complexity and special needs, please see below for your reference with our standard frame sizes-

5in x 7in
Starting from CAD$85


8in x 10in
Starting from CAD$120


10in x 10in
Starting from CAD$135


20in x 20in
Starting from CAD$185

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